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Legal Briefs: Are You a Freelancer — or an Employee Without Rights? Listen Listen

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Telecommuting options, Internet-based jobs, and other shifts in the economy have made freelancing and independent contractor status jobs more appealing to businesses as well as job-seekers. For recent college graduates, stay-at-home parents, and the unemployed, offers for freelancing gigs can be compelling. If you are a...

Disclose Your Poltergeist Listen Listen


There’s a haunted mansion near my apartment in St. Paul, and if you dare me to stay overnight, I won’t. It’s not because I’m afraid (I am), but because somebody finally lives there — someone who apparently doesn’t mind having roommates from another century. A maid,...

Special Week of Storytelling from LIVE LAW 5! Listen Listen


Each summer the Open Society Foundation sponsors an annual gathering of Criminal Justice Fellows. It’s a chance to introduce new fellows to the growing body of former fellows who work as lawyers, journalists, advocates and researchers. In July, on the final night of this summer’s yearly...

ACLU Challenges Sex Camp Offender Shut Down Listen Listen

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Sex offenders face some of the harshest penalties, including a damaging stigma arising from sex offender registries.

DHS Raids Store Over Copyright Infringement? Listen Listen


The World Series is on. As one might expect, there is plenty of knock-off team memorabilia. Sure, it’s illegal, but come on — it’s not like the cops are going to bust down your door and confiscate all your bootlegged merch, right? Birdies Panties, an “intimate...