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Take The Ring Off It Listen Listen


Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend. But for those who don’t actually tie the knot after someone liked it and put a ring on it, diamonds may be more like a passing acquaintance — or the subject of a lawsuit. After all, when...

Episode 49 - Life After Doxing Listen Listen


If you’re a woman and you’re constantly harassed by someone in real life, you can get a restraining order, but can the law project you when these threats take place online. Ann Marie Awad has the story.

Legal Briefs: What’s Happening in the Law Listen Listen


This week in the law: capital punishment, fantasy sports, and immigration.

Permission To Report, Sir Listen Listen


It seems that everyone is confused about free speech these days — and not just Parisians or satirical cartoonists. Council Member Kirby Delauter of Frederick, MD, has threatened to sue the Frederick News-Post for mentioning his name in an article about parking.

Elizabeth Joh in Bon Appetit Listen Listen


It's not everyday one of our Advisory Panel members is quoted in Bon Appetit.