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Episode 51 - Call NOW! Listen Listen


When things go bad all you need to do is pick up the phone and CALL. Or so lawyers like Saul on AMC’s new series tells us. Since the US Supreme Court allowed lawyers to advertise in the 1970s, practices like these have skyrocketed, with often...

Episode 50 - The Diaper Wars Listen Listen


In the 1980's, the world's two largest diaper companies set out to destroy each other, in a patent battle known as the Diaper Wars. The court battles lasted seven years and cost millions of dollars. What did we get out of it? Better diapers -- and...

Smart Stuff: Seeking Law’s Mercy Listen Listen


Smart Stuff is Life of the Law's column featuring scholarly commentary by members of our advisory panel, and by guest scholars writing on the law in our lives.

Take The Ring Off It Listen Listen


Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend. But for those who don’t actually tie the knot after someone liked it and put a ring on it, diamonds may be more like a passing acquaintance — or the subject of a lawsuit. After all, when...

Episode 49 - Life After Doxing Listen Listen


If you’re constantly harassed by someone in real life, you can get a restraining order. But can the law protect you when you are threatened online? Ann Marie Awad has the story.